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Broadcom Syncro Shared Storage
Optimize your data center for power, space, and cooling

The Syncro product line provides enterprise-grade high availability and business continuity without the cost and complexity of existing solutions. Syncro architecture, with shared storage, provides redundancy and failover to ensure application uptime for small and medium businesses (SMBs).

Built on the MegaRAID technology, Syncro shared storage solutions are designed to provide high availability (HA) and application uptime at a fraction of the cost and complexity of existing HA solutions.

Syncro 12Gb/s Shared Storage

Syncro 9380-8e

12Gb/s SAS Host Bus Adapters

Build a cost-effective high availability (HA) server cluster for your enterprise datacenter

Syncro 9361-8i

6Gb/s SAS Host Bus Adapters

Bring a dense, cost-effective high availability (HA) cluster-in-a-box (CIB) solution to your enterprise datacenter

Syncro 6Gb/s Shared Storage

Syncro CS 9286-8e

12Gb/s SAS Host Bus Adapters

Create an affordable high-availability cluster for business continuity from off-the-shelf servers and JBOD storage

Syncro CS 9271-8i

6Gb/s SAS Host Bus Adapters

Transform storage servers into a compact cluster-in-a-box for high availability, fault-tolerance and uptime