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Broadcom Affordable Business continuity

Simple, affordable business continuity

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) a​nd remote offices/branch offices (ROBOs) of large businesses face twin challenges: scale servers to move, manage and store growing volumes of information, and ensure system high availability for business continuity. To scale storage, SMBs and ROBOs have typically added single-node servers and direct-attached storage (DAS), typically in JBOD enclosures. However, scaling with DAS fails to meet requirements for high availability or shared storage.

To ensure high availability, enterprise datacenters scale out complex server clusters and storage system arrays, commonly deployed as Fibre Channel-connected Storage Area Networks (SANs). However, Fibre Channel SANs are too expensive to purchase and deploy for many SMBs and ROBOs and require IT managers with specialized enterprise skill sets.

Now, an affordable, small form factor system with server clustering – a Cluster-in-a-Box system – is available to SMBs and ROBOs. Cluster-in-a-Box (CiB) server systems are built on continuously available software and hardware platforms that are designed to provide transparent failover without data loss for both planned and unplanned outages. Simplified server and storage failover assures access to stored data for business continuity. CiB systems eliminate the need for complex Fibre Channel SANs and make targeted file storage applications affordable.

Syncro® CS Cluster-in-a-Box solution

Syncro internal connect solutions are designed to make it easier for system integrators to develop and deploy CiB systems. CiB systems provide high-availability uptime at a fraction of the cost of traditional HA solutions and greatly simplify deployments and management. Built on MegaRAID® technology, Syncro solutions use two storage RAID controllers with two servers to provide a redundant, simplified server failover cluster. The Syncro controllers deliver high availability by integrating two server nodes and storage in a single CiB form factor.

The Syncro internal connect solutions in approved CiB systems deliver a redundant, 2-server node cluster with shared storage for environments where form factor is critical. The CiB is a single, pre-configured, self-contained unit, enabling installation of the Syncro internal solution during system assembly to simplify deployments.

An alternative to the CiB solution is the Syncro external connect high-availability solution, designed for server systems with JBOD storage.